News bulletin:  Men are just discovering what women found out a number of years ago--that spandex fibers added to everyday apparel makes clothes REALLY comfortable.  Lots of women’s clothes contain spandex in varying degrees from 2% to 20% of the fiber content.  The 2% just gives you room to breathe; the 20% means you’re wearing tights.

Not too many men wear tights—at least not outside the gym.  But they have begun to accept having the 2% or 3% of stretch fiber providing comfort to their favorite jeans or casual pants.  We’re definitely seeing more sales in these items than we did a couple of years ago; and our sales staff is telling us that men are either asking for stretch or are willing to listen to us explain its benefits.

Our favorite brands, like Levi, Lee--and even that Rugged Guy’s brand, Wrangler!--have added stretch to their basic styles.  We now carry jeans and casual pants containing minimal stretch from all three of these vendors.  Look for:

-- Advanced Comfort by Wrangler

-- Levi’s Dockers Signature Khaki

-- Extreme Motion or Extreme Comfort by Lee

Lee’s Extreme Motion or Extreme Comfort also contains a stretch waistband.  Now, this isn’t your grandfather’s elastic waist—this is a high-tech advanced waistband that comes out of the active apparel market. It’s about taking that comfort you feel in your gym clothes and bringing it into your everyday wardrobe.  

There IS one caveat about spandex—the fibers break down a bit earlier in the wear cycle than traditional cotton fibers.  And they don’t love clothes dryer heat.  But if you just cut back on drying those jeans on high heat for a full cycle, you should have many years of wear.  

Come on into Herb’s and ask a salesperson to show you our offerings in men’s jeans and casual pants that contain that hint of stretch.  Or look for the signs in the pants department.  We know you’ll be pleased.  Then go ahead—take a deep breath!