Now that the cold weather has appeared in Central, New York and will be staying for the unforeseeable future, it's even more important to be prepared.

For those who spend a majority of their workday out in the elements, it's even more urgent to dress appropriately to avoid hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition where your body cools faster than it can heat back up. The scariest part about hypothermia is that it can take place over a gradual period of time and unless you know what to look for; it can be deadly.

 At Herb's we have the latest insulated outdoor workwear and boots to keep you up-to-code and out of the cold. We carry a variety of workwear brands such as Carhartt, Carolina, Caterpillar, Wrangler, Dickies, Avenger, Rocky, Wolverine, and Timberland just to name a few.

Along with workwear, we carry a wide assortment of thermals for men and women for extra warmth and protection from brands like Indera, Coldpruf, and Terramar. 

From flannel-lined jeans to blanket-lined jackets, hand warmers to head warmers Herb Philipson's has the gear to keep you safe from the elements and warm until Spring.